Your decision to sell your home during this period is totally up to you and depends on your circumstances and the amount of equity in your home.  

With the advent of virtual tours and virtual open houses, your home can still be showcased during the social distancing requirements now in place.  There are however, guidelines to follow when a prospective buyer needs to make the final decision based on the in-person visit and an inspection by a reputable inspection company.  These guidelines would be discussed with you before you put your home on the market,

Market conditions, as of this writing, remain tight.  Yes sales and listings are lower which means that market conditions remain tight and prices, though not substantially increased in some areas, have not yet decreased.  This I can also discuss and should be taken into considertion before you, again, put your home on the market.

Also, as of this writing, our office remains closed.  That does not mean that offers cannot be presented, via virtual means such as Facetime or Skype.  It also means the Offer of Purchase and Sale and any sign-backs can be dealt with document signing software through the local real estate boards.