Virtual Tours which have been in place for years and now with the introduction of Virtual Open Houses are the way to go to generate interest in your home. Of course, the local MLS® system both with the Toronto Regiona Real Estate Board and the Oakville, Milton District Real Estate Board will also be used in the marketing of your home.
Recorded Video Tours

If for health reasons, you are not allowing anyone into your home to take a video or pictorial tour of your home then 
I personally, would consider not putting your home on the market until social distancing has been lifted. You and your family's health is far too important.

I use photographers who know the social distancing guidelines when it comes to entering your home.  Masks, gloves, no items touched, 6 feet width from anyone (including me).  Cellphones now also have the capability of taking excellent videos which can be uploaded onto the real estate Boards.  These videos will be shown on Facebook, Zoom, YouTube and Instagram. 

Before social distancing was the norm, I created videos during Open Houses and live streamed them onto Facebook with great success. Telling the story of the home (not your life in the home), panning important rooms, narrating and/or pointing out some of the highlights of your home all help in making your home attractive to buyers.

Finally, any perspective buyer will want to see your home in person to make that final decision before putting in an Offer of Purchase and Sale.  The buyer, along with their agent, will be under strict guidelines as to how to see your home. Plus, once the Offer is accepted then the Buyer will want to have an inspection done.  The inspection companies have their rules and guidelines as well to keep everyone safe during this time as well.