Living In Port Credit Mississauga

 Port Credit is Mississauga's oldest and one of its most beautiful communities. Quaint, quiet and secluded and with a surprisingly large number of amenities for its size, it appeals to all types of homebuyers, especially families and downsizers. Here are a few reasons to explore Port Credit if you are considering a lifestyle change or  downsizing:

1.    Port Credit's high quality of life
Port Credit is one of Mississauga's  highest-rated communities in terms of quality of life. With many conveniences, easily accessible amenities, a high walkability score, lots of green spaces, and a rich heritage, it is the perfect place to start a new life chapter.
2.    Diverse housing options
Port Credit has gorgeous properties, smaller  and bigger homes, ranging from older character homes and townhouses to beautiful one-storey bungalows and condos. Generally, properties at the waterfront with amazing lake views tend to cost more than homes near the GO station, for example, but yet again, any location in Port Credit is still highly convenient as the entire neighbourhood has superb access to the main Port Credit strip.

3.   The breathtaking waterfront and green spaces
With mature trees along the sidewalks, plenty of parks and trails, and of course, the gorgeous waterfront, Port Credit residents enjoy very beautiful natural sights wherever they go. The Memorial Park is one of the go-to places whether you are up for a walk or a picnic. The Memorial Park also often serves as a venue for different events hosted in Port Credit, so it is a true local hotspot. The Waterfront Trail is yet another highlight, convenient for nice walks by the water, bike rides, taking your dog for a walk, etc. 
4.   Port Credit is an active community
Port Credit is a tight-knit community where people feel a strong sense of belongingness and show genuine care for the neighbourhood. Residents actively participate in community life and organize all kinds of events throughout the year. Newcomers often integrate very fast in such a friendly environment as they quickly catch up on the neighbourhood highlights.
5.   Port Credit keeps its heritage alive
Port Credit is developing fast, but its quaint character and historic core consisting of historic buildings, protected landmarks, and heritage conservation areas will always remain the community's heartbeat. Representing the perfect blend of nature, history and modern living, Port Credit is one of the most desirable GTA areas to live in.