Helpful Hints 

By: Marilyn Palmer

Helpful Hints 

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Is Your Move On Hold?

Due to the current stay-at-home recommendations from all forms of government and well, actually, it's the right thing to do, now is the time to look at your current home and ask some questions.  Questions that will help you once you decide it's the right time to move forward and look for that new home. Questions that will give you the answers you need when we start looking for your new home (oh yes, I can help you with that).  Consider these:

Right now, sitting in your living room, or whatever room you are in right now -

What's working for you and What's Not?

Ebb & Flow:

Green Space - the beautiful outdoors:


  1. Do you enjoy your garden (or gardening)?
  2. Do you require more outdoor space, bigger yard or bigger patio?
  3. What about garage space (more or less)?
  4. How much time do you wish to spend outside?
  5. Is your outdoor space private enough?
  6. Does your current home have curb appeal.  If not, will you be making it better?
Community and Lifestyle:
  Thank you for your time and I hope this Helpful Hints section was just that - helpful.  Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs.  Have more questions, please contact me at 416 995 2187 or  I am here to help!



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