What's Happening Oakville

By: Marilyn Palmer

What's Happening Oakville

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I had the pleasure of hearing Sean O'Meara's, Ward 1 Regional and Town Councillor of Oakville, update on What's Happening Oakville (my words).

First of all, the Province will not be forcing amalgamation for the Region of Halton, or for any regions for that matter.  They have offered though some money for those regions wishing to find insufficiencies within their boundaries.

Downtown Oakville Construction:
Lead in the Drinking Water:

Halton Region has spent $8 billion to remove the lead from Municipal pipes.  Sean advised that he recentky visited the Water Treatment Plant and said that everyday 19,000 samples of water are taken to ensure the standard of drinking water is upheld.

Development Allocation from the Province:

A little history first:

In the 1970's the province paid for all major infrastructure.  In the 1980's, they stopped.  Development charges wre brought in (paid upfront by the developers) to cover 80% of infrastructure needed for new development.  In 2012, the last allocation was given for 15,000 single equivalent dwellings to be built.  11,000 of them were, 4,000 (mostly hi-rise) were not.

Halton Region is now looking at the 2nd round of allocations.  We have to pay for services when cities/towns grow.  The mandate of the Province is to grow, "grow in your nodes".  What's a node?  An example in Oakville is the area around the Bronte GO station.  It is considered a mass transit area and that is a growth node.  The region of Halton is breaking it down this way when looking at Green Field development:

Milton takes 8,000 dwellings.  Oakville takes 7,000 dwellings. Halton Hill - 3,000 dwelling.  Burlington - 490 dwelling due to green field area left (nowhere to go but up really).

The issue that the Municipalities face is urban sprawl.  It creates congestion and is bad for the enviornment.  So, where do they build so they have better infrastructure?  As stated before, in growth nodes.  This subject will be addressed net week in council meeting to see  the percentage of growth and how to grow.  Once council decides, the developers will then be able to start building as early as next year.  In the Downtown Core of Oavkille, they are planning to develop 5,000 to 8,000 units in the growth nodes to keep the provinces mandate to grow a reality.

By the way, it is forecast that by 2041 the Town of Oakville's population will grow to 1 million people.

Glen Abbey:

In 25 words or less - Club Link and the Town of Oakville along with LPAT will have a hearing on June 7 to cover all matters.  This can be an 18 to 20 week long hearing.  So, stay tuned as this will be an 'all or nothing' hearing.

Habour Banquest & Conference Centre

I asked Sean what was happening with the purchase of this building by the Town of Oakville.  This is the building on the south side of Ontario street in Bronte.  The Town of Oakville is still in negotiations to purchase the land from the Federal government.  However, the Town cannot deal directly with the Federal government, they must go through the Province.

The way things stand now is the Town of Oakville is looking at short-term leases for this building.  Visit Oakvlle Toursim is looking to move in and there is a restaurant currently in this space that has a 3 year contract in place.

There you have it!  Stay tuned for more updates and news in the New Year.