What's Happening Oakville

By: Marilyn Palmer

What's Happening Oakville

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I have always had the pleasure to meet with Sean O'Meara, Ward 1 Town and Regional Council for Oakville to discuss what's happening in Oakville.  This blog includes topics of housing supply, downtown and new-mixed use development and  possible amalgamation.  This blog is useful if you are a current home owner, a Parent, or someone considering a move to, or within, Oakville.

In 2 months, the construction for Downtown Oakville will start and is expected to be finished by next fall.  The plan, which received a lot of input from local home owners and businesses, will make the use of Lakeshore Road a more mult-use and more pedestrian friendly street.  The middle lane will be removed making the sidewalks and outside restaurant patios wider.  The Town of Oakville plans to spend some money on the marketing of the new plan which will include events to draw the public to the downtown core.  It is an incredible plan, in my opinion and with the input received, is very well thought out.  For more information visit Downtown Plan-Town of Oakville through Google.

Oakville, if you are not already aware, has opted out of the Cannabis distribution due to the lack of control the Town would have as this is governed by the Province.  Having said that, a large Cannab is warehouse is located in Oavkille (also recently in the news).  Again,  Province controlled and not approved by Town Council.

The Province mandates Cities/Towns to increase housing supply each year.  With the increase in housing supply comes the responsibility for all Town Councillors to ensure the infrastructure is in place to acommodate said development. As a parent, the concern for schools in the 'Town of Oakville is real.  Mr. O'Meara reported that the Town is already down by 6 schools, with one brand new school having 18 portables on site, on a per capita basis. Growth must be a complete package!  *Also, I ask that every Parent and Home Owner become educated on Bill 66 as this relates to Housing Supply and Open for Business Legislation as changes in the increase of areas where developers can now build (wetlands, greenbelts to name just a few) are being reviewed.

The land where MexaCali Rosas used to be is slated to become a mult-storey (condominium) mix-use development with retail stores at ground level.

The Harbour Banquet Centre in Bronte Heritage Park (Ontario Street at Bronte Harbour) has been transferred from the Region of Halton to the Town of Oakville.  While the Federal government owns the land, the Town will be commencing with the purchase of the property so that it can eventually be turned into a top-notch restaurant destination west of the GTA.  

One more thing, Bill 5 - the Province is looking into the amalgamation of Regions/Cities/Towns as they did in Toronto.  They will be looking at the Region of Halton with a view to perhaps amalgamating the City of Burlington, Town of Oakville, City of Milton and Halton Hills and perhaps calling it the City of Halton.  Their view - this will get rid of the duplicaton and is a cost-cutting measure for tax payers.

Update you soon as new and exciting news happens!