Lakeview Village Tour

By: Marilyn Palmer

Lakeview Village Tour

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I was invited to the tour of the grounds, as they are now, to get familiar with the plans for the upcoming Lakeview Village.  In this blog, there will ve a pictorial segment added.  Please refer to the cover image so that you can envision the plans to what I saw on the tour of  October 5, 2019.  There is also a short blurb about the history of these lands given by one of the Lakeview Village Partners during the tour.

First, a little history of the lands - click here.  Things I did not know - it was used a munitions factory during WWII.

Here's the tour with notes:

This picture taken outside a chain-link fence (as we were not allowed on the grounds) is of thousands upon thousands of Sunflowers.  They planted over 1 million Sunflowers this year, which well be harvested, to help with the remediation of the soil.

Future Waterway

This picture is of the waterway between the walkway with the lake to the south and the lands which will be developed.  If you look at the Feature Picture, you will see where the proposed Lakefront Park will be to the north of this waterway.


We were allowed to walk on the longest Pier this side of Lake Ontario and I took the opportunity of taking a picture of the view to the east (with waves crashing and wind blowing).  To the west of this Pier lies the Lakefront Promenade Marina. If you look at the Featured Picture they plan to connect the Waterfront Trail to the current Lakefront Promenade Park.

This will be the last tour of the season.  While talking to a number of people during the tour, most seemed excited about the upcoming project with a few still concerned.  In my humble opinion, this will be a world-class development and I will continue to keep you informed.