Incredible Laveview Village

By: Marilyn Palmer

Incredible Laveview Village

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This video was part of the  presentation I watched at the  Mississauga City Council meeting on October 28th for Master Plan approval.  The Master Plan has since been approved. In the video above, the Lakeview Village Partners mention District Highlights.  Two of the Districts the Partners go into detail about - the Lakview Square and the Serson Innovation Corridor.  There are 8 Districts and I would like to expand on the other 6.  They are, in no particular order:

Cultural Watefront:

Lakefront Park is a destination waterfront open space that provides recreational, cultural and event open space (open-air movies and concerts, etc., ) for Mississauga.  The western edge of the park is where kayakers and families will come together to enjoy the Lake.  The park will include a social deck, an Iconic Fountain, a leash-free dog area, a Civic Centre and so much more.

Marina District:

The Marina District is connected to the adjacent Lakefront Pormenade Park via a bridge that extends naturally from the existing boardwalk.  It will have a boat launch for kayaks, canoes and paddle boards.

The residental blocks located in the Marina District are shaped and stepped to gradually transiton to a 4-storey edge along the waterfront giving future Mississauga residents the opportunity to have a lake-based living experience.

Hydro Gateway:

The Gateway will lead people to key open spaces and uses within the District - while first encountering Waterway Common and then continuing on to arrive at Lakeview Square (mentioned in the video) and Lakefront Park.  While Ogden park (mentioned below) is a green and recreational corridor to the watefront, Hydro Gateway will be the URBAN gateway experience to the District.

Ogden Park:

It is the central 'river of green' that runs throught Lakeview Village with the final destination being the waterfront.  Ogden Park will provide walking paths and will be designed to focus on community while providing a central gathering space with a Community Centre, Event Pavilion, Skateboard Amenities and again, much more.

Aviator Park:

Will provide the northern residential blocks an east-west connection to Ogden Park, from Lakefront Promenade to the Serson Innovation Centre (mentioned in the video).  To the north of Aviator Park, are the lower-density residential blocks within the district characterized by a mix of townhomes and mid-rise residential buildings.

Waterway Common:

Is designed as a four-season outdoor space with summer splash pods, spring orchards, winter skating rinks and seasonal markets.  Waterway Common provides the central gathering space for the community that links to the existing park system to the west with the Square.

As of this writing, I was advised by the Lakeview Village Partners that the plan is to start Phase 1 construction by 2020/2021.    Because of the scope of this project they are forecasting it may be all completed in 10 years time.  My plan - to keep you posted every step of the way.

As a side note, I was given a Thank You gift by the Lakeview Village Partners for the support I have given them since the beginning of their involvement in this community called Lakeview Village.  I am honoured (picture below).