By: Marilyn Palmer


Tags: #careerdevelopment #newcareer #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #journey #careergoals #markting

Starting a new career can be daunting to say the very least. Some days are diamond and some are coal.  Anyone relate?

During my journey, I allow myself to dream big without insecurity and self-doubt (although that does creep in from time to time).  Every morning, I write down the 5 things I want in life and visualize the steps necessary in order to achieve these goals - not the end goals themselves.

I've set goals for each step and if anyone has looked at my Linkedin profile I created a Canva design stating the achievement of these goals/steps.  There are more goals (4 courses) ahead in order to complete the Google Digital Marketing/Ecommerce Certification Programme. I will complete these goals by September.  Once I receive my certification, Google may help me find a career in Digital Marketing - another one of my goals.  

The learning curve is huge and a little overwhelming at times.  However, I'm learning and the old adage (forgive the pun) comes to mind, you are never old to learn.  I feel sometimes that my age will hold me back, but I've seen  people on social media celebrate their age with the fact that what they have to bring to the table is experience.  And, that's what I offer.  Experience - 23+ years of marketing experience and one more thing - I am never too old to learn!  Nor, is anyone else for that matter.

To say that my decision to change careers was the best I ever made is an understatement.  I am beyond excited about what I am doing now.  I have very special friends and associates to thank for helping me make the decsion to 'jump'.

I have had a lot of doors that never opened and a few doors that have closed on me.  Who hasn't?  We keep on walking and learning and networking so that one day that one door will open. Without hard work, we will never recognize our wins (even the small ones) and more importantly, our true worth.

Chat again and thanks for all your support!