A Seniors Moment

A Seniors Moment has the ™

Welcome to A Seniors Moment™. The reason I started this service is to honour my Mom. Throughout my childhood I watched the changes she made. I saw her:

Lifestyle Change 
Financial Change 

And finally her, 

Life Change

As Boomers, all of us experience our parents and ourselves facing all of the Changes but what I would like to talk about is the first two - Lifestyle And Financial changes. These changes have several motivators and all are mentioned in the blogs and podcasts and videos I have provided and will continue to provide.

Ontario’s Senior population is expected to double to nearly 4.1 million within 25 years. By 2017, for the first time, Seniors will account for a larger share of the population than children 14 years and under. Each and every one of us will deal with a Lifestyle Transition in the years to come. Each and everyone of us will help our parents deal this transition as well. As a Real Estate Professional, I made it part of my services to help Boomers and/or their parents with these transitions.

Reasons for these Transitions can be placed into 3 categories:

Lifestyle Motivated Move 
Financial Motivated Move 
Life Change Motivated Move

For every reason there must be a team of Professionals involved in the decision make process in order to come up with an effective plan that suits you, the Boomer, or your parents’ needs. They are, but not limited to:

Real Estate Professional* 
Financial Advisor 
Mortgage Broker 
Family Members 
Downsizing Professionals

*As your Real Estate Professional, I will help analyze your housing needs with every transition (Your Home - Your Future) based on your financial, emotional and physical requirements