Marilyn's Story

I write stories using my creative, honest, empathetic and sometimes funny nature. I believe we 
all have a story to tell. Here’s some of mine:

Though always hard working, and passionate about a career that spanned 23 years I decided 
to leave and go back to what I love to do. Bring more of the expressive, funny and creative 
side of me to my career. I love creating or all things creative. I made the decision to change my 
career knowing that I needed to make adjustments, learn some new, and upgrade my current, 
skill sets to get back to what I love to do. We’re never too late to change our path - right?

Interesting - very much so. Frightening - yes indeed! Necessary - absolutely!

I’m working with my creative energy now. I am proud to say that I received my Google Digital 
Marketing E-commerce Certificate which has allowed me to upgrade my current skill set. I am 
learning new tips and tricks on Canva as well. Learning is its own reward and I am always 
learning or willing to learn.

Here I am with a brand new portfolio website. You’ll see blogs, videos and podcasts, all 
created by me. All of these have been advertised on social media channels such as Facebook, 
Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube. There’s also an About Me presentation as well - brings out 
some of the unknown fun facts as well as what I can do in the business world.

Whether it be a product or service, your story must be told, I can help do just that. Digital 
Marketing, old-fashioned print, billboard, ads (social media or other). Your brand has a style, 
voice and personality. Allow me to help you with getting your story, product or service to 
market by offering these services:
Hi I am Marilyn Palmer. Very nice to meet you. Let's chat!