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I am all about relationship building. I am an animal lover, a lover of The Blues and Jazz and recently made the decision to leave the real estate industry after having made it my career for over 23 years.

Here's an interesting fact - I made the decision to change my career path knowing that I need to make adjustments, learn some new things and get started on a whole new journey! Interesting - absolutely! Frightening - yes indeed! Needed to do it - oh hell yeah!!!!

I'm working on my creative energy now. I loved creating new things in my real estate career. Whether it be blogs, videos, information platforms, podcasts, social media ads, or digital marketing channels - loved doing it all. Check out what I've done on this website.

A Seniors Moment ™

Welcome to A Seniors Moment™. The reason I started this service is to honour my Mom. Throughout my childhood I watched the changes she made. I saw her:

Lifestyle Change
Financial Change

And finally her,

Life Change

As Boomers, all of us experience our parents and ourselves facing all of the Changes but what I would like to talk about is the first two - Lifestyle And Financial changes. These changes have several motivators and all are mentioned in the blogs and podcasts and videos I have provided and will continue to provide.

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