Marilyn's Story

I write stories using my creative, honest, empathetic and sometimes funny nature. I believe we  all have a story to tell. Here’s some of mine:

Though always hard working, and passionate about a career that spanned 23 years I decided  to leave and go back to what I love to do. Bring more of the expressive, funny and creative  side of me to my career. I love creating or all things creative. I made the decision to change my  career knowing that I needed to make adjustments, learn some new, and upgrade my current,  skill sets to get back to what I love to do. We’re never too late to change our path - right?
Interesting - very much so. Frightening - yes indeed! Necessary - absolutely!

I’m working with my creative energy now. I am proud to say that I received my Google Digital  Marketing E-commerce Certificate which has allowed me to upgrade my current skill set. I am  learning new tips and tricks on Canva as well. Learning is its own reward and I am always  learning or willing to learn.

A Seniors Moment ™

Welcome to A Seniors Moment™. The reason I started this service is to honour my Mom. Throughout my childhood I watched the changes she made. I saw her:

Lifestyle Change
Financial Change

And finally her,

Life Change

As Boomers, all of us experience our parents and ourselves facing all of the Changes but what I would like to talk about is the first two - Lifestyle And Financial changes. These changes have several motivators and all are mentioned in the blogs and podcasts and videos I have provided and will continue to provide.

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